• Returning home with an intimate insight into the ancient Inca Empire
  • Visit Lima and the famous Larco Herrera Museum
  • Discover the Amazon in the company of naturalist experts
  • The splendor of Cusco with its churches, cathedrals, plazas, markets and cultural heritage
  • Community Project at a remote Andean school
  • Walking in the beautiful Sacred Valley to view ancient Inca salt pans
  • Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu with dramatic mountain views
  • Visit Machu Picchu on two occasions and at the best times of day
  • 3 hearty meals a day on trek prepared by our cooks
  • Lake Titicaca – Island Homestay

Peru offers so much variety and this itinerary combines it all. After exploring Lima's colonial architecture and the famous Larco Herrera Museum, we fly across the Andes to our Amazon jungle lodge and with our naturalist guides explore this remarkable environment. While in Cusco and the Sacred Valley we wander some of South America's best markets and discover a variety of Spanish and Inca heritage. In the Sacred Valley we will spend a day at the remote village of Huiloq where we'll work alongside staff and students to refurbish the school's classrooms. The discovery of Machu Picchu in 1911 revealed an incredible Inca architectural masterpiece, and this startling find provides a grand finale to our trek along the Inca Trail. On the trail, our unsurpassed expertise in organising treks in the Andes comes to the fore as we ascend from the jungle to the snow capped Andean peaks to complete our spectacular approach to Machu Picchu. Travelling onto Lake Titicaca, we visit the Uros Indians who live on floating reed islands and enjoy a night in a homestay before returning to Lima. This is an educational adventure to get excited over!


Start and Finishing Point:





On arrival you will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel where you are free to rest in the hotel or explore as a group the cosmopolitan area around Miraflores, the suburb of Lima where our hotel is located. Some of Lima's best galleries and shops and restaurants are found in this area. Founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, Lima is the oldest capital in South America, with a superb combination of Spanish Colonial and 19th century European architecture.

Meals:  Nil

Early morning wake-up call, breakfast and short drive to the airport for the the flight to Puerto Maldonado via Cusco. This provides an opportunity to experience a real jungle frontier town. Upon arrival to Puerto Maldonado, you will be transferred to the boat dock on the Tambopata River. Here we board a motorized canoe and head towards the nearby confluence of the mighty Madre de Dios River, the source of the Amazon tributary. Just 30 minutes downriver is landing at the port that will lead to Sandoval Lake. We walk a trail of 3 Km (2 mi), stopping to watch birds and butterflies, up to a narrow canal boat. From there, we navigate the flooded forest of palm trees that leads to the open waters of this peaceful lake. After a brief rest, we start again by boat to explore the entire eastern end of the lake, following the sound of hundreds of Blue-and-Yellow and Red-Breasted Macaws as they return to the palm forest for the night. Our view from the boat often allows close and extensive encounters with birds and mammals. In Sandoval Lake, the Capuchin Monkey, in particular, has nearly lost its fear of humans. We return to the lodge at dusk for dinner. Afterwards, we take the boat again, in search of caimans, which are now extremely rare in the Amazon but are still common in this protected lake. On clear nights we go by boat farther into the lake for a view of the vast southern sky, unobstructed, with its magnificent views of constellations and the Milky Way. Accommodation: Sandoval Lake Lodge

Meals:  B,L,D

You will watch the sunrise in the early morning from the shore of the lake. Lake Sandoval is a meander abandoned by the river and, due to its particular ecosystem of calm waters, it is home to exuberant fauna, which includes, among others, giant otters, caimans and “shanshos”, an exotic bird with a prehistoric appearance. After enjoying a late breakfast, we will walk the trail through the cool understory of the impressive primary rainforest that surrounds the lake. We will see the great Chestnut trees that abound here. After lunch, we rest for an hour and then explore the west side of the lake where we will have chances to observe different species of monkeys. After dinner, we will have the opportunity to spot caimans in the lake. Accommodation: Sandoval Lake Lodge

Meals:  B,L,D

After breakfast, we make a final paddle through palm swamps on the west end of the lake. On the clearer mornings, a glorious sunrise and its reflection can be seen in the lake. We return to the Madre de Dios River and head towards Puerto Maldonado and from there on to the airport. (Please note that itineraries may vary slightly to maximize wildlife viewing, depending on the reports of local researchers and experienced naturalist guides). In the evening you'll have a briefing to discuss aspects of the itinerary and in particular the trek.

Meals:  B,L

Enjoy a guided tour of this charming city, which was the capital of the Inca Empire. The tour begins with a visit to the Convent of Santo Domingo, which was built over the Inca temple of Coricancha, one of the most important precincts dedicated to the cult of the sun. Ancient chronicles say that its walls were covered with gold leaf and filled with golden representations of nature. Next, visit the Cathedral, the most imposing monument in the Plaza de Armas. Then head to the hills of Cusco where the fortress of Sacsayhuaman is located, whose imposing walls offer an impressive panoramic view of Cusco. Continue to Qenqo, an archaeological complex of religious use where it is believed that the Incas practiced rituals related to agriculture. Continue the tour to Puka Pukara, the "red fort" in Quechua; an architectural complex of supposed military use, with multiple environments, plazas, baths, aqueducts and towers. It is believed to have been used by the Inca entourage while the leader rested in Tambomachay, which is the last archaeological stop on the tour. It is believed that it was an enclosure of water worship, which had an extraordinary hydraulic system. At the end of the tour, return to your hotel.

Meals:  B,L

You will start your tour en route to the Pisac market, which has scores of stands that exhibit and sell products manufactured by the residents of the area everyday. Beautiful alpaca textiles, musical instruments, paintings, carvings, necklaces and replicas of old Inca pieces stand out. You will continue to the Pisac archaeological vestiges, which as the largest complex of terraces in the area and a masterpiece of the agriculture of the Inca Empire. Next, free time for lunch at the previously agreed restaurant and then you will visit the Ollantaytambo Park, making a series of tops at points of interest. The Ollantaytambo town, typical example of the urban planning of the Incas, whose residents still live in accordance with their old traditions. Pachacútec (1438-1471) conquered the town, destroyed it and built a new one, absorbing it as part of his empire. It exhibits one of the most remarkable complexes of the Inca Empire. You will return to your hotel in Cusco at the end of the tour.

Meals:  B,L

Today will be an exciting day as after a scenic drive from Ollantaytambo you will arrive into the village of Huiloq. The village is situated in the Urubamba mountain range standing between the great Urubamba River and the vast rain forests to the north of Cusco. Beautiful hanging valleys, high pampas, small patches of woodland and paths less trodden are the setting for the project which will keep you busy for the day. The region is famous for its weavings, as well as its striking mountainous landscapes and rich culture and is home to the Andean equivalent of the Himalayan Sherpa. World Expeditions Schools has been conducting various projects in Huiloq for more than 5 years and at present we are building a small library in the village school. There will be some light building work to be done here, as well as helping out in the village greenhouses or conducting some English lessons in the class room. There will be plenty of time to meet and interact with the local people and learn about their culture, history, traditions and way of life.

Meals:  B,L

We pick you up early in the morning from your hotel to Piscacucho (Km. 82), which is the start point of the Inca Trail. At this point we meet some our cooks, porters and camp staff before setting off on this famous 'Royal Highway of the Incas', built more than 500 years ago. The first day involves approximately five to six hours of walking. During the first few hours of walking we follow the course of the famous Urubamba River before perhaps stopping to admire the ruins of Patallacta – 2750m (9000ft) – an ancient Inca city built on a series of terraces below the trail. From here we follow the narrow valley of the Cusichaca River to the first campsite at Hatunchaca. Walking time: approximately 5 - 6 hours Accommodation: Camp

Meals:  B,L,D

After having breakfast, we begin the most difficult part of the trek, which consists of an abrupt and steep ascent toward the highest pass on the trail known as Warmi wañusca (4,200m / 13,776ft). Then we begin the descent to our second campsite in Pacaymayo, where we will have lunch and dinner. Walking time: 6 - 7 hours Accommodation: Camp

Meals:  B,L,D

The third day is the longest one, but also the most impressive and the most interesting, due the number of archaeological sites and the lush cloud forest area that we cross that is so rich in Andean flora and fauna. From Pacaymayo we climb to Runquracay Pass, and then descend to our lunch stop at Chaquicocha. Next we will continue up an easy climb, until we reach Phuyupatamarca Pass (3,700 m) )12,073 ft), walk on through the cloud forest until we reach our final campsite at Wiñayhuayna ( 2930 m)(8,792ft). Walking time: 8 - 9 hours Accommodation: Camp

Meals:  B,L,D

After a good night's sleep at this lower altitude, and an early breakfast, we start the last day of the trek. We walk down along an incredibly well preserved section of the trail with great white granite slab walls and staircases all impressively set in high jungle. On the way we'll take time out to explore the recently cleared extensive ruins of Wiñay Wayna, before covering the last couple of miles to finally reach Inti Punku (The Gateway to the Sun) awe-inspiringly set above the 'lost city' of Machu Picchu. Your first view of the ruins really does take your breath away! After a brief 'first look' at the ruins, we head down to our hotel in Aguas Calientes for a well deserved soak in the nearby hot springs (optional). *Important: It is important to be aware that, because of all the rules on the Inca Trail, there may be changes in the actual trek itinerary and the campsites we use.

Meals:  B,L

Today we start early to thoroughly explore these remarkable and truly enigmatic ruins. After a professionally led tour of the site we're free to explore the rest of the amazing sights. Mid-afternoon we depart from Machu Picchu for the extremely pretty train ride back to Ollantaytambo where we transfer to our vehicle for the drive back to Cusco.

Meals:  B,D

To begin our trip from Cusco to Puno, board the touristic bus that will take you through the wonderful Andes sceneries. First, stop in Andahuaylillas, a town located 40 kilometres from Cusco that has as its main attraction the Church of Andahuaylillas, nicknamed the ‘Sistine Chapel of America’, due to the impressive art found in it. After this, continue the route to Racchi, where the Wiracocha Temple is located, a surprising 30 m (90 ft) wide by 20 m (60 ft) high construction of rectangular shape. Have a tasty lunch in Sicuani, followed by a brief stop in La Raya, the highest point between Puno and Cusco, over 4,313 m (12,939 ft) above sea level. Then, arrive at the town of Pucara, where the Pucara Lithic Museum is located. Developed between the years 100 and 300 AC, this town was the first proper urban settlement of the lacustrine highlands. Finally, arrive in the city of Puno.

Meals:  B,L

We leave the port of Puno to the vastness of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world and part of the border between Peru and Bolivia; countries sharing the Aymara population indiscriminately. The lake covers more than 8,000 km2 (5,000 mi2) and its islands have developed different communities that maintain their ancestral customs and clothing up today. Taquile, Uros and Amantani are the main islands. Your first stop will be at Uros; an ancient society that populates a series of artificial islands made of reeds. These are made weaving reeds in areas where it grows thicker forming a natural layer. Then visit Amantaní; a circular island with an average díameter of 3.4 km (2 mi) whose rich highland customs have captured the attention of travellers from all over the world. In the evening dine at your hosts house and then, if desired, participate in a rural musical performance before bedtime. Accommodation: Taquile Island home-stay

Meals:  B,L,D

After breakfast you will board a motorboat to head to the island of Taquile, which is Quechua speaking, unlike the other Aymara-speaking islands in the lake. In Taquile you will have lunch at a local restaurant. Then return to the boat and head back to the city of Puno. Transfer to Juliaca airport to take your flight to Lima.

Meals:  B

Addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education:  Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

Industry Innovation And Infrastructure:  Investments in infrastructure are crucial to achieving sustainable development.

Reduced Inequalities:  To reduce inequalities, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

Learning outcomes for students

World Expeditions Schools journeys are designed to encourage positive personal development and the learning of life skills, while leaving the communities and environments we travel to, in a better condition than when we arrived.
The programs are designed to:
• build strong friendships and bonds with their peers, their teachers, and the local people they meet.
• increase the confidence to engage with new people, and collaboratively make informed decisions.
• discover the benefits of working cooperatively together as a cohesive team, to achieve a common objective.
• Increase the ability to face, and cope with, mental and physical challenges and therefore increase resilience.
• give students a chance to appreciate and care for the natural world. The environments we travel through are beautiful and often pristine, invariably the students will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding about how their individual actions impact on the environment.
• Learn personal skills i.e., time management, personal hygiene, responsibility for personal gear, patience, tolerance, and public speaking.
We help encourage students to learn what it means to be a true global citizen.


  • 15 breakfasts, 13 lunches and 11 dinners
  • Airport transfers through out in private transport
  • Expert bilingual guide trained in wilderness firstaid
  • Emergency group medical kit
  • Comfortable and central hotels, primarily Casa Andina Classic hotels
  • Private vehicle transport at all times - apart from the train
  • Gear pack including sleeping bag, fibre filled jacket and sleeping mat
  • Group camping equipment
  • Porters to carry personal gear
  • Sightseeing and site entrance fees as listed (including Machu Picchu entrance fee)
  • Celebratory welcome dinner in Lima
  • Pre departure information pack with all the details to help you prepare

  • Cost of laundry, email, fizzy beverages
  • Medical treatment
  • Visa Costs - if required
  • Tips for crew and staff. Tipping is customary in the Andes
  • A per student fundraising component to cover the costs for materials used at the Community Project



Introductory adventures are designed with the first time trekker in mind. They are challenging enough to make it a real adventure holiday, however the daily physical exercise is around six to eight hours and altitudes generally less than 4100m. It is important to understand that introductory adventures are not easy. There will be some long steep ascents and some rough ground to cover. Remember trekking rarely involves flat terrain. Two to three months prior to departure you should spend thirty minutes to one hour exercising, three or four times per week eg. Hard walking, jogging or cycling. To prepare for a walking holiday we recommend you take every opportunity to walk up and down stairs and/or hills, for leg strengthening and aerobic fitness. Please remember the fitter you are the more you will enjoy your holiday.

Customise your program

We can fully customise a School Travel Program to suit your students' learning objectives and budget. Whether you require a Service Learning program, physical challenge, cultural immersion or certain curriculum targets - talk to one of our educational travel experts about the elements you need in your itinerary. We pride ourselves on developing unique itineraries to meet the learning requirements for schools.

World Expeditions Schools is a division of one of the world's leading adventure travel companies, World Expeditions. We can develop itineraries in any destination that is offered by World Expeditions, which is to every continent on earth.

Use our simple Expedition Design Form to contact us with your requirements and an educational travel expert will be in touch to assist.

Why travel with us

Why travel with us

Assisted over
14,000 Students Worldwide

Since the 1980's, we have helped students from around the globe to experience the world's most exciting destinations, allowing them to travel, give, grow.

400+ Service Learning

Together with students, we have completed over 400 Service Learning programs in developing countries. We will always continue to support causes including social justice, animal welfare, the environment and more.

Fully Customised
School Travel Programs

Want to include service learning, your school curriculum and a physical challenge, or any of the above? Contact us and we can design a program fully catered for your students and budget.

Safety and
Support - Our #1 Priority

Every school receives a detailed risk management plan that is guided by government advisories and the local partners we work with. We never compromise on the safety of your students to reduce the price of the program.


Want to find out more?

Our educational travel experts are ready to help you tailor an itinerary or service learning project to suit your school’s needs and budget. Contact us today to receive a free consultation.

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